Parking Violations at your Condo: Your First Steps

There are many ways that one can run afoul of the parking regulations set up by a condo association, and it is easy to feel that you are in a lot of trouble when you get into some hot water with a parking violation. You should check on this before it becomes an issue so […]

How a HOA Lawyer Can Help with Your Neighbor Dispute

Are you involved in a neighbor’s dispute and need the help of a FL condo HOA lawyer? You’re supposed to be friends with your neighbors, but times have changed, and the seventies are gone. The less you know about your neighbors, the less likely you are to get along with them. A condo law attorney […]

Security Cameras in Public Areas: Florida Condo Law

Many condominium owners in Florida choose to live in condominium community because of the sense of security.  It is a greater sense of security than residing in single-family communities. Condominium associations and their managers, desire these owners to feel safe and secure in their homes and shared areas and condo owners want the same safety […]

Your Guide to HOA Fees in Florida

You may find house or condo hunting in Florida more complicated than in other parts of the country because of the added fees associated with owning a home. Almost every subdivision forms a homeowners’ association (HOA) and each HOA sets the community’s fees. These could get charged monthly or quarterly, so when you shop for […]

Condo Water Leak Who is Responsible?

Is there a water leak in your condo that has caused damage to your unit and you want to know who is responsible to pay for the repairs? The first priority is to determine the source of the water intrusion. Next, what was damaged by the water is important for a variety of reasons, which […]

Getting “Slapped” with a SLAPP Suit?

Are you getting “slapped” with a SLAPP Suit? To start, a “S.L.A.P.P.” suit refers to “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation” and both the Florida Condominium Act and HOA Act have prohibitions against these types of lawsuits.  But what does prohibitions against these types of suits really mean?  In short, a “SLAPP” suit in the context […]

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