Insurance Litigation

Florida Insurance Litigation Lawyer

With over twenty years of combined insurance defense experience, Ferrer Law Group provides representation to individuals against insurance companies. The insurance industry is a business and therefore profit margins are just as important as to any other business. Paying out on claims is not a carrier’s main goal. Frequently, the insurance company will either try to limit a payout or outright deny a claim.

In the community association law context, Ferrer Law Group provides legal representation to both individual owners and community associations, in an effort to ensure the proper value of the claim is covered as a compensable claim, and the proper benefits are paid out under its contractual obligations.

Through our collaborative alliances, and the firm’s background in construction, engineering and water damage, we are able to provide our clients with a team of independent claims adjusters; rebuild cost estimators, and building system engineers that are able to accurately assess common element damage and determine the cause and the responsible party for the damages incurred. The firm has the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to assist our clients in obtaining maximum recovery under the applicable insurance policies. Contact us today to schedule your confidential consultation.