Firm History

Ferrer Law Group represents businesses and individuals in various legal disputes involving transactional, litigation and appellate matters.  After spending over a decade working for two of the largest firms in the State of Florida, Conroy, Simberg et. al. and Becker & Poliakoff.  Prior to starting the law firm, Ms. Ferrer provided legal representation to Fortune 500 companies and large insurance companies and its’ servicing agents, including but not limited to, AIG, Liberty Mutual, Travelers Insurance, Zurich, State Farm, Florida Hospitality Mutual Insurance Company and Sedgewick CMS.  Her representation of the carrier’s insureds included American Airlines, Home Depot, Bass Pro Outdoor World, as well as many contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry.  After almost a decade of handling both Plaintiff and Defense work, Ms. Ferrer expanded her practice area into community association law, when joining Becker & Poliakoff, wherein she managed the high-volume collections and foreclosure division for the tri-county area, providing legal representation for thousands of condo and homeowner associations.

Ms. Ferrer founded the firm in early 2012, when she saw a need in the legal industry to represent the individual condo and homeowner, rather than actual association via its Board of Directors.  The firm does provide representation for a select group of homeowner associations.  However, the majority of the firm’s practice area focuses on providing representation to the actual property owner against the community association, realizing there is a need in the legal industry providing representation to individuals, rather than for the condo and HOA,  by experienced attorneys with extensive litigation background with the very law firms that now serve on the opposing side of multiple cases.

About Us

Ferrer Law Group is known for its hard work, thorough preparation, attention to detail, legal experience and community leadership. The firm’s team is comprised of diverse educational and professional backgrounds, in order to better serve our clients.

Our team includes qualified attorneys, paralegals, law clerks and business consultants, along with a panel of expert individuals who are capable of handling specific issues on an as needed basis, rather than passing the overhead cost to our clients. All matters handled by the firm are personally overseen and approved by both the Founding Partner and the firm’s Managing Partner, ensuring the highest standards in its work product, strict adherence to technical requirements, and taking on a “no stone left unturned” approach.

The firm has over 45 years combined legal industry experience. The founder’s mission focuses on the delivery of quality services comprised of experienced legal acumen, responsive service, concise communication all the while ensuring aggressive yet efficient representation. Our carefully selected legal team has backgrounds in engineering, insurance, banking and healthcare business industries.

The firm invests in top technological resources and case management systems which ensures efficiency and expediency for its clients. The firm’s attorneys Big Law backgrounds coupled with the investment in stellar technological resources, affords its clients Big Law experience and resources, with a customized and personalized boutique experience.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to follow the Golden Rule, treating the firm’s clients in the same manner as we would like to be treated as a client. While the firm’s success rate is primarily based on experience, knowledge of the law, thorough preparation, resources, attention to detail and zealous advocacy, the firm is selective in the cases chosen for legal representation. The firm engages in careful vetting of the potential client and the legal dispute at issue. The firm’s selection committee takes time to thoroughly review all documents and client interviews on all cases chosen for legal representation. This philosophy sets apart the firm from many other law firms who elect to take on the majority of cases presented to them.

Ferrer Law Group recognizes the legal issues and subject matters it handles are personal and emotional for our clients. In addition, most condo and homeowner association cases involve a prevailing party fee provision. While this provides an opportunity for our clients to obtain representation otherwise difficult to afford without such provision, it does require additional analysis and careful review of the legal issues, given the potential exposure to the opposing side’s legal fees and costs, should they lose their case. This is yet an additional reason the firm’s philosophy is to be selective and meticulous, properly investing the time to vet the cases before agreeing to the representation.

While there are no guarantees in life, and an attorney is not allowed to guarantee its services, the detailed selection process affords the clients some needed peace of mind that all factors impacting a case are carefully studied and considered. This process affords the firm’s clients the ability to feel confident that all factors have been considered, before engaging in the litigation process. Given the firm’s selective nature on representation, the firm elects to take on only a given number of cases per year, in order to ensure meticulous service is provided. This allows for results oriented representation, often exceeding our client’s goals and expectations.

Our clients’ success is our success. Ensuring compliance with these values is critical and reflected in our decision-making processes, even in the smallest issue. We know that decisions we take today, will have an impact on the case tomorrow. Focusing on the best interests of our clients requires spending more time understanding the complexities of the clients’ individual or businesses’ needs, their short and long-term goals, thereby providing counseling and guidance as our clients’ needs dictate. This may oftentimes require mitigation efforts rather than adversarial and aggressive representation. The specific action plan must always match the given set of circumstances. Mistakes often arise when a case is applied a “cookie cutter” approach. Each case the firm handles may have similar legal issues. But they should never be handled in the exact same manner. This is because no two cases are alike. Various factors such as the opposing attorney, the judge assigned, the insurance company and claims representative, the court’s jurisdiction for a given matter, and the year the legal issue arose, all play a critical role in how a matter should be handled.

The legal services provided by the firm are limited to specific practice areas in an effort to ensure all team members are well-versed and up to date on all new legislative and judicial activity impacting the rights and interests of our clients.