Our Business Model

Creating Value For Our Clients. One Decision at a Time.

As part of our commitment to creating value for our clients, the firm’s legal services include working closely with our clients to develop an action plan intended to either avoid litigation, quickly resolve existing litigation and mitigate damages, or alternatively, position a matter aggressively for trial.

Individual Strategic Legal Approaches

The firm’s strategic approaches differentiate us from other law firms. Our firm’s success is the result of a constant, unrelenting focus on our clients’ needs. Our commitment to excellence and belief system in a team-based approach, allows us to avoid unnecessary delays, while fostering an atmosphere of creative and innovative thinking. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations, creatively handling novel and complex legal issues. We are committed to responding to our clients’ needs, aligning the skills, abilities and resources of our team, responding to those needs accordingly.

We aim for optimal litigation outcomes in all the cases we handle. In litigation, there is no guarantee of a specific outcome. However, knowing the law is simply not enough. Time, effort, preparation and a particular manner in which a given case is approached, has yielded a proven track record of success.

In an effort to provide value to our clients, our legal handling of matters involves thorough legal evaluations and assessments of each case prior to acceptance and repeat those steps throughout various stages of the litigation process. In furthering these efforts, our analysis and corresponding legal opinions take into account multiple factors impacting a given case. Each case handled by the firm is strategically analyzed, based on the unique set of circumstances particular to a given dispute. The identification of issues, strengths and weaknesses of a given case, the direct and indirect costs of litigation as well as likelihood of success, are all considered when rendering legal strategies. This includes offering various alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.