Community Association Law

As a full-service community association law firm, we represent property owners against their condominium and homeowner association for a wide range of legal issues and disputes, including but not limited to water damage, bad faith insurance denials, lien foreclosure proceedings, as well as transactional and litigation issues pertaining to covenant enforcement.

In any shared ownership community setting, the restrictive covenants of a homeowner association or condominium association are only as effective as the board’s motivation and manner in which it enforces them.  Not all associations are created equal and the personalities of those that sit on a board of directors can intentionally or unintentionally generate numerous conflicts amongst the membership.  Such conflicts and legal disputes lead to litigation, loss of property values and increase in insurance coverage due to the multitude of claims and overall risk exposure.  Furthermore, failure to follow such rules and regulations in a uniform manner can lead to unnecessary lawsuits and/or losses against the association resulting from successful selective enforcement defenses.  When a property owner or tenant fails to adhere to the association’s covenants, or when an overzealous board of directors take actions that exceed its authority, are unreasonable, unnecessary and capricious, such actions can have a profoundly negative impact on the community as a whole, as well as its safety.