Banking & Finance Law

Florida Banking and Financial Lawyers

Issues involving banking and finance-related disputes impact nearly everyone as it concerns everything that is related to money, whether personal loans, mortgages, home equity lines and corporate business deals and financing. Oftentimes, individuals may find their accounts or credit rating ruined as a result of a financial institution’s failure to follow regulations and/or negligence. Banking and finance law include a multitude of technically complex areas that constantly evolve with changing laws.

In short, banking and finance law involves contractual relationships between a lender and borrower. It is important to research when hiring an attorney to make sure the attorney has specific experience in the particular issue you are confronting and has experience representing clients in similar legal positions as your case. Typically, a banking and finance lawyer has experience in commercial litigation. Ferrer Law Group represents borrowers against lenders in an effort to rectify damage caused by a lender’s failure to comply with regulation and statutes. Contact our lawyers in Weston, Florida to schedule your confidential consultation.