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Do You Have to Pay Rent if Your Rental Needs Repairs?

According to Florida’s housing authority, landlords must keep their rental properties in livable conditions, and if they do not, tenants can withhold their monthly rent payments. However, it is not as cut and dry as stopping paying rent. The tenant is responsible for providing proper notification about the violation and giving the landlord seven days […]


The renting of a home, condominium, or apartment in Florida comes with some form of understanding that your landlord is responsible for keeping the unit habitable. When the unit becomes inhabitable, such as broken exterior door locks, there are rats in the kitchen, or  mold in the bathroom, the responsibility falls on the landlord to […]

Security Deposit Laws in Florida

If you are renting in the state of Florida, you should know that, legally, a security deposit is typically required.  Security deposits are normally one month’s rent — meant to cover damage to the premises beyond normal wear and tear. Additionally, it is an alternative if a tenant leaves their lease a month early without […]

What Are My Rights as a Renter in Florida

Are you a renter in Florida? If that is the case – you must make yourself aware of your rights as a renter in Florida. Both landlords and tenants have responsibilities and if you are aware of them, it will be much easier for you to hire a rental lawyer if something were to go […]


For any Homeowner (HOA) or Condo Association in Broward County, Palm Beach County or Miami-Dade County, a HOA/Condo lawyer is essential and not just any lawyer. There is a myriad of legal issues that require the knowledge and experience of a qualified and experienced lawyer in the HOA and Condo laws. Here is why you […]

Parking Violations at your Condo: Your First Steps

There are many ways that one can run afoul of the parking regulations set up by a condo association, and it is easy to feel that you are in a lot of trouble when you get into some hot water with a parking violation. You should check on this before it becomes an issue so […]

How a HOA Lawyer Can Help with Your Neighbor Dispute

Are you involved in a neighbor’s dispute and need the help of a FL condo HOA lawyer? You’re supposed to be friends with your neighbors, but times have changed, and the seventies are gone. The less you know about your neighbors, the less likely you are to get along with them. A condo law attorney […]

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