Lauren Brady

Administrative/Legal Assistant

Lauren Brady joined Ferrer Law Group in 2018 as a highly qualified administrative assistant. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Brady was employed at a law firm, whose primary focus is the representation of the homeowner associations, vis a vis its Board of Directors, rather than the actual property owner(s).

Ms. Brady received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Montclair State College in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. Ms. Brady oversees the day to day operations and management of the office and provides legal assistance to the law firm’s attorneys.

Ms. Brady possess excellent judgment and time management skills, applying her experience to all aspects of the practice. Ms. Brady has a high work ethic and understands the sense of urgency needed by the firm’s valued clients. Her empathy and strong communication skills allows her to effectively assist with the firm’s clients, in an efficient and respectful manner.