Real Estate Litigation

Weston FL Real Estate Attorney

Regardless of whether a person or entity find themselves as a landlord or tenant involved in a dispute; whether a home or an investment property, the common denominator is one of finances. Whether a residential or commercial investment, all real estate transactions come with a unique set of circumstances that can cause significant financial loss.  These oftentimes involve issues concerning nonpayment of monetary obligations, failure to disclose, holdover, marketable title, claims of lien and chain of title issues.

Ferrer Law Group assists clients in residential and commercial financial disputes involving real property.  The firm represents property owners, developers, investors, tenants, lenders, joint venturers and private partnerships, providing custom solutions geared towards the client’s specific goals.  The firm affords its clients a clear perspective from all angles of a transaction.  This comprehensive approach allows the firm to leverage its experience and resources, in order to identify potential issues, avoiding pitfalls while providing a cost/benefit analysis tailored to the particular given issue.

Ferrer Law Group assists our clients to identify liens and encumbrances on property, filing suits in order to clear “clouded title” and resolution of improper liens placed on a property by a community association. Contact our real estate litigation attorneys in Florida to discuss our available services. Our real estate litigation practice covers a wide range of areas involving condominium association and homeowner association legal disputes; title insurance litigation; management agreement litigation, and issues involving the Florida Landlord Tenant Act.

  • Condominium Association & Homeowner Association Corporation Disputes

    • Election disputes
    • Non-payment of common charges
    • Governance disputes
    • Selective Enforcement disputes
    • Board Breach of Fiduciary duty claims
    • Shareholder/Board disputes
    • Nuisance proceedings
    • Warranty claims and construction defects
    • Alteration Agreement disputes
    • Violation Proceedings