Jury & Trial Consulting

Trial and Appellate Lawyers in Florida

A talented attorney has the ability to clearly communicate complex facts and legal concepts to a judge and jury. In addition, however, trial preparation and attendance involve many more variables, including but not limited to, detailed research and analysis, focus groups and other technological resources from pre-trial up to and including post-trial motions. Many times, attorneys with a superb sense of understanding the legal issues, have difficulty presenting the matter to a jury or the court. A number of available resources involving technology, assists in the trial preparation and presentation of evidence or other facts or figures, in such manner, so as to be easily understood. Ferrer Law Group serves as co-counsel on many matters, including focus groups and jury selection process. Our firm uses the latest case management systems and other resources to assist in all phases of litigation.

Jury consulting involves the assistance of various skills that are studied, learned and developed. The amount of legal preparation for trial involves researching juror backgrounds, creation of juror profiles, conducting focus groups and mock trials, pretrial research based on demographic data, statistical analyses and emphasis on human body language and behavioral sciences. Helping to create courtroom graphics and develop strategic presentations that tell a story, are all part of the skills needed to succeed at trial. Many times, our team is hired to consult on specific areas of a given case, based on skills such as experience, knowledge of human behavior, psychology and intuition. This frequently involves having legal knowledge, but also proficient in the ability to read nonverbal communication and an understanding of social science research.

In short, litigation and trial consulting can have a wide variety of significance, depending on the particular area of the law. Trial preparation involves numerous moving pieces that must come together perfectly in order to effectively portray your side of the case. Our team is able to alleviate the additional pressures of those moving parts, facilitating the development of themes to a case, demonstrative guides, jury psychology, witness preparation and mock trials.

In addition to the above, our consulting team provides a “fresh set of eyes” or new perspectives on cases or a particular given issue. Furthermore, case assessments to determine liability and damages, can assist in assessing the value and exposure at issue, prior to presentation to a jury for determination.

Ferrer Law Group is able to provide the type of tools, resources and support to ensure your case is presented in a concise and persuasive manner to a judge or jury, regardless of its complexity. Contact our office today to schedule a confidential consultation.