Healthcare Litigation

Florida Healthcare Lawyer

Ferrer Law Group handles specific types of legal disputes that are interconnected with the firm’s consumer protection, commercial and insurance litigation practice areas. The types of cases are limited to legal disputes involving improper denial of benefits or coverage, and collection of improperly coded medical bills, frequently referred to as “upcoding,” “overbilling” and “balance billing.”

Medically Necessary

While the healthcare industry is heavily regulated, numerous issues affecting consumers directly go unnoticed. Oftentimes, heavy premiums are paid under a contractual insurance policy, only to later be denied an otherwise entitled benefit or coverage, under the guise that a medical treatment is “not medically necessary.” More disturbing is the numerous instances of individuals visiting an emergency room or other medical facility, for the same reason or cause for visit, only to leave with two differently coded invoices. (

Ferrer Law Group vigorously handles consumers’ interests against improper and unorthodox claims denials, billing methods and unorthodox collection practices. The firm also protects client interests pertaining to patients’ rights. Contact us today!

Grievance Process

Under Florida Statute 627.6141, patients are entitled to participate in a grievance process that either the patient or a medical provider acting on your behalf, can appeal when a claim is denied as not medically necessary. Ferrer Law Group provides legal representation in all aspects of claim denials, up to and including the filing of a civil suit under various available remedies. This includes assisting with “expedited external reviews” for those with medical conditions that are of such urgency, that failure to provide timely authorized care can place a consumer’s health in serious jeopardy.