Florida Condo Roof Leaks: Who’s Responsible?

damage caused by water leakage on a wall and ceiling at condominium

You’re sitting in your Florida condo, when suddenly a drip from the ceiling interrupts your peace. Upon investigating, you discover a roof leak. What do you do next? Who should you call? More importantly, who bears the responsibility of fixing Florida condo roof leaks? 

Understanding Condo Law and Responsibilities

The Florida Condominium Act (FCA) governs the rights and responsibilities of condo owners and associations. Section 718.113(1) of the FCA states that the association is responsible for maintaining the common elements of the association, which in a condominium should include the roof. The declaration of condominium should also contain this maintenance responsibility by the Association. 

It is therefore important for condo owners to familiarize themselves with the declaration of condominium to understand who is responsible for maintaining and repairing the roof. If there is a disagreement about who is responsible for the roof, the condo association and the owner may need to resolve the issue through mediation/arbitration or ultimately litigation. 

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about roof leak responsibility in Florida:

  • The association is not fully responsible for leaks caused by the negligence of an owner. For example, if an owner leaves a window open during a rainstorm and water leaks into the unit, the association is only responsible for repairing the damage to any common elements connected to that unit and the declaration may make the owner responsible to reimburse the association.
  • The association is not responsible for leaks caused by a defect in the construction of the roof. If the roof was defective when it was built, the owner cannot sue the association for damages.
  • The association is not responsible for leaks caused by an act of God. For example, if a hurricane causes a roof to leak, the association is not responsible for repairing the damage, to the owner’s personal property. The association’s responsibility ends with repairing the common elements, in such a situation. 

If you have a roof leak in your condo, it is important to contact the association immediately. The association should send a representative to inspect the leak and determine who is responsible for repairing it. If you disagree with the association’s determination, you may need to seek legal advice.

Factors that Influence Liability

When it comes to determining liability for condo roof leaks in Florida, several factors come into play. It’s a common presumption that the responsibility falls on the condo association, as they typically oversee the upkeep of parts of the condominium property not included within the units. However, the condominium’s declaration can alter these specifics, leading to different scenarios.

Here are some key considerations to understand who’s liable:

  • Common Elements versus Unit Components: If the source of the leak is a common element – structures like the main roof that are shared by all residents – then the condo association usually bears the responsibility for repair according to Florida Statute § 718.113(1). On the other hand, if the leak is within a unit’s component, such as an exclusively owned shower or bathtub, the unit owner may be responsible.
  • Nature of the Leak: The cause of the leak can shift the responsibility. For instance, if the leak results from a unit owner’s actions, like unauthorized alterations to the unit’s plumbing, the liability could fall on that particular unit owner.
  • Condominium Declaration: The governing document, also known as the declaration of condominium, can specify different scenarios regarding who handles maintenance and repairs. It is crucial for all condo owners to familiarize themselves with these specifics to better understand their responsibilities.

So, while the factors listed above play a significant role in determining liability for roof leaks, it is also important to remember that each case is unique. When dealing with a roof leak in your condo, recognize the need for legal advice tailored to your specific situation. 

When to Consult with a Condo Law Attorney

When a Florida condo roof leak occurs, the road to resolution isn’t always easy. The responsibilities can be complex, involving intricate condominium law. However, being educated about the laws and knowing when to seek legal assistance can make a significant difference.

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