Can I Stop Paying My Maintenance Fees During The COVID Pandemic?

maintenance fees

Can I Stop Paying My Maintenance Fees During The COVID Pandemic seems to be a growing theme from property owners to stop paying their maintenance fees because certain common area amenities, (like the pool, gym and/or clubhouse), are closed. This is not correct! The expenses for these items were set before the COVID pandemic started and continue to accrue during it. Your monthly maintenance fees are to pay for those expenses. If you stop paying your maintenance the Association can foreclose on your home or condominium unit, pursuant to the terms of the Association’s Declaration, which is the contract between you and the Association. This means the Association would file a lien against your property in the public records and the Association’s law firm would file a lien foreclosure lawsuit against you in a court of law. This lawsuit could take up to a year to complete and if very technical, reasonably requiring you to hire an attorney skilled in the area of association law. So the answer to the question Can I Stop Paying My Maintenance Fees During The COVID Pandemic, is NO! If you are suffering a COVID pandemic related financial hardship that is preventing you from paying your maintenance fees, please contact your Association and try to negotiate a forbearance and/or payment plan. Hopefully your Association will act reasonably and allow you to reduce your maintenance fees payment over an extended time period. If your Association is not receptive to your efforts, then you will need a skilled negotiated team and Ferrer Law Group may be able to help. Contact Ferrer Law Group today. Stay Safe!

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