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Florida Law Limits Condo and HOA from Restricting Installation of Renewable Resources Such as Solar Panels

While broad powers are afforded to condominium and homeowner associations to regulate and limit the rights of unit and homeowners on what improvements can be made to their property when living in a planned urban development, there are limitations and Florida law limits Condo and HOA from restricting installation of renewable resources such as solar […]

Florida HOA Laws That You May Not Know About

Communities that consist of housing developments, condominiums, and other real properties within a community are subject to certain rules and regulations declared by the Association’s Board of Directors. This is a Membership organization formed within the community of single-family homes or multiple unit buildings like condominiums. Property owners pay a fee according to the authorized […]

Pros and Cons of Self-Management vs Professional Management Company

When homeowner Associations are formed, there’s one of two choices to consider: 1) The Association will operate from an “in-house” perspective where the Owners/Members, through a Board of Directors, will volunteer their time to oversee the maintenance and enforcement of rules in the community. However, since Members of the Board of Directors usually have other jobs, […]


Is there an HOA in your community? Do you pay recurring fees to the Association? Does the HOA maintain your neighborhood’s common areas, enforce neighborhood rules, and make sure maintenance is regularly completed? It’s important to understand what your HOA does to ensure you have the right type of insurance. Keep reading to learn what […]


Contracts are legally binding documents that are typically signed and agreed upon by two parties or more. Unfortunately, these legally binding documents aren’t always honored. If either party who agreed to the contract decides to or cannot fulfill their end of the bargain, there are likely to be legal repercussions involved. In case of a […]


While it might seem like a mundane piece of communication that comes out annually from a homeowner’s Association, or HOA, audit letters are a required piece of public information that highlights what an HOA has been doing with all of its fees and members’ funds each year. Unlike public companies, HOAs generally don’t need to […]

Your Guide to HOA Fees in Florida

You may find house or condo hunting in Florida more complicated than in other parts of the country because of the added fees associated with owning a home. Almost every subdivision forms a homeowners’ association (HOA) and each HOA sets the community’s fees. These could get charged monthly or quarterly, so when you shop for […]

Getting “Slapped” with a SLAPP Suit?

Are you getting “slapped” with a SLAPP Suit? To start, a “S.L.A.P.P.” suit refers to “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation” and both the Florida Condominium Act and HOA Act have prohibitions against these types of lawsuits.  But what does prohibitions against these types of suits really mean?  In short, a “SLAPP” suit in the context […]

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