land lord and tenant

Living in a space controlled by a landlord means that you are at the mercy of the ability of that landlord to maintain the property. At least this is true to some extent. However, there are laws that apply to landlord-tenant relationships that must be followed as well. If you are a tenant living in a rental property, you need to know about Florida rental law and how it may be applied to any situation that you are going through. 

Your Right to A Living Space

You have rights under the law to live in a space where you can enjoy your life and not be disturbed by overly noisy neighbors or by other things that could cause you to have a less enjoyable overall experience. This is why Florida attorneys are constantly busy with new cases being brought to them that need to be sorted out. Some landlords are simply ignoring their obligation to their tenants to take care of noise complaints and other legitimate concerns that may come up as a result of living in a certain area. It is certainly not fair to tenants who are just trying to do what they need to do in order to survive, and that is why you might want to search for “tenant attorneys near me” today. 

Are Noise Complaints Protected Under the Law?

It turns out that you do have a right to protect yourself from noisy neighbors under the Florida  nuisance laws. These are laws that are set up to help ensure that people can get along and live amongst each other without creating too much noise or otherwise disturbing the peace for others. It is important that people have the right to enjoy the company of their family and friends, but it is also true that making too much noise can disturb neighbors and cause there to be issues. In order to set up a situation where everyone can get along and live side-by-side, it is necessary to have certain noise laws apply. 

A South Florida attorney will be happy to look into the noise laws in your local area to see what they are. They may be able to determine that the Association in your area has set up strict rules that dictate that noise must be kept at a certain acceptable level. If that is the case, then you might have a legitimate claim to make against neighbors or an Association who are not abiding by those rules.  

If you would like to pursue such a case, then you should immediately go out and look for a South Florida tenant lawyer who will stress the importance of these laws and how they can be implemented to you benefit. 

Don’t Wait to Get Your Attorney

You need to obtain your attorney as rapidly as possible if you are to start to make some progress on your case. This is why you should turn to the Ferrer Law Group if you need help to handle your case if you have a noise complaint or some other type of complaint that your landlord or Association refuses to resolve.

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